LYNC 2013 VDI Citrix: Alt Tab Issue is back

Hi just to keep you inform on the VDI Citrix Lync Project

We have to cope again with the Alt tab on Citrix Vdi environment. Our platform is composed with these elements.

  • Platform Windows 7 embedded Std :
  • Thin Client : HP T610
  • Citrix Receiver version on Thin client:
  • Citrix Receiver version in the VM for Xenapp :
  • Operating System : Windows 8.1 64 Fr Bits Build Number : Enterprise 6.3.9600
  • Lync Vdi Version : 15.0.4420.1017 32bit
  • Lync client Version : MSO Build (32 bits)
  • Xendesktop version : 7.1

With this environment we have the Alt Tab Issue.

The Alt Tab Issue definition: When a user in the VM machine use the alt Tab key combination the user is redirected to the thin client local Interface instead of switching to another application in the VM. see below

TEST1: The Windows 8.1 VM has no Receiver inside (receiver has been uninstalled) and the alt tab issue is still present ;-(

TEST 2: The Receiver has been installed in the VM and the Alt Tab issue is still present ;-(

TEST 3: The Lync VDI-plugin client has been removed in the thin client and the alt Tab issue is when the user use ALT tab he can switch between Apps IN the VM. 😉

Laurent Teruin


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