Lync 2013 Client : Certificat error when starting a PowerPoint presentation & sorry we ran into a problem displaying the presentation

Hello All

I ve got an issue today when i try to launch a Powerpoint presentation the Lync 2013 client display that there is an certificate error . It is important to take in account that the used workstation is a non-domain joined workstation running windows 8.1 who approve the Internal Ca.

So I immediately check these points

  • From the workstation where the Lync client is executed I can use correctly from the browser the discovery url without any certificate Issue! (
  • The discovery url is equal to the discovery url that I have declared in the topology.
  • On the Lync FE server I observe the event ID 41032 on the Lync server. So Lync discover the officewebapp server

  • The OfficeWebApp Farm is correctly configured and running

  • The certificate is well positioned on the website and have the correct friendly name which correspond in the farm definition (« office »)

  • Everybody approve the internal CA. My workstation too
  • The Officewebapp and the lync server are on the same Vlan
  • I can ping and telnet from my workstation the IIS of Owapp on 443 .

So What is wrong ?

My certificate on the Officewebapp01 is a San. Hummm …

  1. Let remove it and just put a non San certificate
  2. If you use IIS « create certificate request » to make a certificate request, the program don’t put a friendly name in the request … (Windows 2012 Server US version) so you will not be able to link the certificate to the OfficeWebFarm. You can use the MMC Certificat Snapin. If you do this, don’t forget that the Country field only accept two letters. If you put USA or France you will get an error from the Internal Ca who will precise that the subject name is incorrect!. Or Create domain certificate which is easiest.
  3. I created the new certificate binded it to IIS Website for 443 and use set-officewebfarm –certificatename to reprecise the certificate friendly name.
  4. Restart the server and test again
  5. From the Lync Worsktation I could open without any certificate issue the discovery url so now check with Lync 2013 client

  6. Restarting the Lync 2013 client version 15.0.4615.1000. And same issue! Hummm weird !!!!! let inspect the Lync 2013 client logs

  7. Form the log side I can see that my client use the correct url

  8. And in the log I found this: The certificate presented by the WAC Server or Proxy could not be validated. »; hummmm Why why why why.. I don’t know 😉

  9. I decided to modify the iE settings and clear the certificate check close Lync client and restart.

  10. So now the issue is quite different. We are in progress 😉 the error message is very helpful no?

  11. Let’s check the Owapp server Log. For information it is running on windows 2012 standard server with 8 Go of ram and one vcpu (Vmware) and I can observe that
    not really helpful I think. But this appear at each time I try to start the Powerpoint presentation. Let return to the Lync 2013 client
  12. I tried to use a Lync 2010 client on a domain joined workstation (running windows Xp) and… the PowerPoint Prestation works !!!! what is wrong in my kingdom???? It should not be a server side issue? Well let check the owapp version

  13. When typing the error message « sorry we ran into a problem displaying the presentation » I found this link: Which is .. resolved nice! .
  14. Installing this patch on OWAPP server

  15. Now the Officewebapp run this version
    But the problem is still the same….





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