Exchange 2013 SP1: Double ECP & OWA Web Site issue

HI All today

Today i cope with this following issue. When I activate a second web Ecp on Exchange 2013 SP1 server US all users cannot have access to ECP. When they try to logon no message is displayed .I will try to reproduce the issue.


Binging on the Default Site on server Srvexc02

The current configuration for the default ECP virtual directory is this one

Binding on the Exchange Basic Site

In this situation all users can access to OWA and ECP on the Default website with FBA

Now I will try to add an ECP virtual Directory on the second Website (ExchangeBasic) and set this virtual directory with Basic authentication.

For this I will use these cmdlets:

New-ecpVirtualDirectory -WebSiteName « ExchangeBasic »
set-ecpvirtualdirectory -identity « SRVEXC02\ecp (ExchangeBasic) » -ExternalAuthenticationMethods basic -BasicAuthentication $true -WindowsAuthentication $false -DigestAuthentication $false -FormsAuthentication $false

After that nobody can’t have access to ECP. IT is fully reproducible

The Ecpvirtual on the ExchangeBasic website is configured by default like this

IF you try to enable a second OWA web Site on Exchange 2013 as the ECP you will have this behavior

All user will not be able to log on to outlook Web app with a error message invalid password or user name




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