Exchange 2013 UM : An error occurred while accessing the user’s mailbox. Details: Client found response content type of ‘text/html; charset=utf-8’, but expected ‘text/xml’.


I’m currently experiencing an issue with Exchange 2013 UM. I can’t access to UM user information or activate a new exchange user for UM.

Here’s the Exchange topology:
We’re currently migrating Exchange 2010 to 2013.

Exchange 2013 Details:

              2 Exchange 2013 FRONT-END

              2 Exchange 2013 BACK-END

              All are Virtual Machines under Hyper-V 3

              OS Windows Server 2012 (no R2)

              Exchange 2013 SP1 (CU4)

My problem is mainly with the UM part. As a reminder, under Exchange 2013, UM is present on both the FRONTEND (for the routing part UM: UMCallRouter) but also on the BACKEND (UM services).

UMCallRouter services and UMServices are active, respectively on the active FE and BE. Services are running as I have assigned the Exchange 2010 UM DialPlans to the 2013 services: so the service is fully functional on that end.

The problem is when I want to access information from a UM user via the ECP (Exchange Control Panel) I get the following error: 

Unified Messaging cannot validate or generate a PIN for UM mailbox ‘’: An error occurred while Accessing the user’s mailbox.
Details: Client found response content type of ‘text / html; charset = utf-8 ‘goal expected’ text / xml ‘.

Here is the Error returned by the ECP:

From what I understand, Exchange 2013 relies on the WebServices (EWS) of the back-end for managing security PINs.

We also have several events that I think are related to this problem in the event viewer of the active back-ends:

              ASP.NET 4.0.30319.0                 ID : 1309

              MSExchange Common                ID : 4999

              MSExchange Web Services          ID : 29


So, i’m still searching a solution… L



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