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Exchange 2013 : CU 5 Error installation : Web Management Service ask for an unknow certificat [Solved]

Posted by Teruin laurent sur septembre 11, 2014



The following error was generated when « $error.Clear();
$keyPath = « HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\WebManagement\Server »;
if (!(Get-Item $keyPath -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)) {New-Item $keyPath -Force}
Set-ItemProperty -path $keyPath -name « EnableRemoteManagement » -value 0x1 -Type DWORD -Force;
if (Get-Service WMSVC* | ?{$_.Name -eq ‘WMSVC’}) {Set-Service WMSVC -StartupType AutomaticStop-SetupService -ServiceName WMSVC ;Start-SetupService -ServiceName WMSVC}
 » was run: « Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.ServiceDidNotReachStatusException: Service ‘WMSVC’ failed to reach status ‘Running’ on this server at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.Task.ThrowError(Exception exception, ErrorCategory errorCategory, Object target, String helpUrl) at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.Task.WriteError(Exception exception, ErrorCategory category, Object target) at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Tasks.ManageSetupService.WaitForServiceStatus(ServiceController serviceController, ServiceControllerStatus status, Unlimited`1 maximumWaitTime, Boolean ignoreFailures, Boolean sendWatsonReportForHungService) at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Tasks.ManageSetupService.StartService(ServiceController serviceController, Boolean ignoreServiceStartTimeout, Boolean failIfServiceNotInstalled, Unlimited`1 maximumWaitTime, String[] serviceParameters) at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Tasks.ManageSetupService.StartService(String serviceName, Boolean ignoreServiceStartTimeout, Boolean failIfServiceNotInstalled, Unlimited`1 maximumWaitTime, String[] serviceParameters) at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Tasks.StartSetupService.InternalProcessRecord() at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.Task.<ProcessRecord>b__b() at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.Task.InvokeRetryableFunc(String funcName, Action func, Boolean terminatePipelineIfFailed) ».

After searching i disicover that the Web Management Service could not start

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-Service WMSVC* | ?{$_.Name -eq ‘WMSVC’}
Status Name DisplayName
—— —- ———–
Stopped WMSVC Web Management Service

And the error is the following


Event Xml:
<Event xmlns= » »&gt;
<Provider Name= »Microsoft-Windows-IIS-IISManager » />
<EventID Qualifiers= »0″>1007</EventID>
Unable to read the certificate with thumbprint ‘31477a6e41f9ae4f8324154a3c9ac82b8feac1a8’. Please make sure the SSL certificate exists and that is correctly configured in the Management Service page.

I ve checked all certificats in this server no service are binded to this expected certificate with the thumbprint : 1477a6e41f9ae4f8324154a3c9ac82b8feac1a8′

I add a certificat in the Management Service and the service start. The CU5 installer could continue. 😉


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