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Archive for 18 septembre 2014

Exchange 2013 OWA Logging Issue is back ! : Owa the user or password you entered isn’t correct. Try entering it again.

Posted by Teruin laurent sur septembre 18, 2014

HI All after executing the CU5 on one Exchange 2013; one multirole exchange 2013 Server refuse all OWA connections.

I decided to not lose too much time to search. We have encountered since 2 months some various instabilities with this service, so my script is ready let’s delete the main OWA Virtual directory and recreate it.

Remove-OwaVirtualDirectory -Identity « SRVEXXX\owa (Default Web Site) »
New-OwaVirtualDirectory -WebSiteName « Default Web Site »
set-owavirtualdirectory -identity « SRVEXXX\owa (Default Web Site) » -AdfsAuthentication $False -BasicAuthentication $true -WindowsAuthentication $false -DigestAuthentication $false -FormsAuthentication $true -LogonFormat PrincipalName

And to finalize : IISRESET /noforce

And works again !!

But if you decide to have a second Owa website for a basic authentication the SRVEXXX\owa (Default Web Site) will not works anymore.

I create a second website « ExchangeBasic » and tried to create a second OWA Directory to allow basic authentication

New-OwaVirtualDirectory -WebSiteName « ExchangeBasic »set-owavirtualdirectory -identity « SRVEXCXXX\owa (ExchangeBasic) » -ExternalAuthenticationMethods basic -BasicAuthentication $true -WindowsAuthentication $false -DigestAuthentication $false -FormsAuthentication $false
And now you cannot log again on the SRVEXXX\owa (Default Web Site) the user name or password you entered isn’t correct.

The solution is to delete both and recreate the first one.







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