Lync 2013 Mobile instable external connection on Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Note 2014 Edition On Apache Reverse Proxy (Deny ALL) [SOLVED]


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Case Label : Lync 2010 mobile 2013 External connection unstable
Date: October 22, 2014
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Country : France
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Exakis Contact : Laurent Teruin
Severity : B
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Microsoft Engineer:




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Issue Description

Hi today I cope with an issue of Lync 2013 Mobile Instability connection. The IPad and Samsung Mobile client can connect but each 2/ 3 Seconds the user is warned that there is a connection issue. See picture: Sorry we can connect to the server

Figure 1 : Samsung Galaxy Note Lync 2013 Mobile

Figure 2 : IPad Lync 2013 Mobile additionnal error

We have the same issue with an IPad device. We have tested on different 3G and external Wi-Fi network. Same behavior.


In the log: I’ve found that


HttpConnectionNativeCallback: exception none statusCode 204

ERROR TRANSPORT .\transportutilityfunctions.cpp/1770:Accept-types (application/ not found in Content-Type response from server (text/plain). Not decoding.

INFO TRANSPORT .\cucwarequestbase.cpp/228:Got a failed status code in the http header. Error = E_NotModified (E2-3-16), Request =

ERROR APPLICATION .\cpeoplechangenotificationsubscription.cpp/216:ChangeEventSubscription/Refresh request failed with error E_ResponseUnknown (E2-1-5)!


We checked the Reverse Proxy Deny All and no request are rejected.

We have changed the user login name as domain\username.. Same issue

Resolution Acceptance condition

Technical articles


We have this in the Apache configuration
AddType application/ .xml


We try this: 😉 and it solve the issue!

Technical informations

The Lync 2013 Mobile client on Samsung Galaxy Note 2014 Edition is : 5.4.1106.0

The Lync 2013 Mobile client on Ipad : 5.6

Rerverse Proxy Deny All version

Apache Version :






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