Move-CSUser: Cannot find user in Active Directory with the following SIP URI


When I tried to move a user from Skype 2015 to Microsoft Teams with Move-csUser, the user mentioned in the CMD let is not found in AD

Now let see the User Sip Address


Skype On Prem version


Following some Internet articles it could happens if the MsRTCSip properties is not sync into Azure AD Let See the configuration

The configuration looks correct

Here are the mandatory attribut to synchronize :

The User have a E5 Licence with Skype Online activated Plan 2

After checking the configuration of the user we found this

PS C:\Users\> Get-csonlineuser -identity | fl Interpretedusertype, hostingprovider

InterpretedUserType : HybridOnpremSfBUser

HostingProvider     : SRV:


We ask for the tenant information and identify the 2 characters after Lync : « DC=lync0e001,DC=local »

PS C:\Windows\system32> get-cstenant | ft identity
OU=1uyt8076-709d-4b09-JKd9-648701411,OU=OCS Tenants,DC=lync0e001,DC=local

And we restqrt the migration with the correct URL
PS C:\Windows\system32> $url=
PS C:\Windows\system32> Move-CsUser -Identity -Target -MoveToTeams -Credential $Mycreds -HostedMigrationOverrideUrl $url -Proxypool ….

And the user has been migrated to Teams !

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