SkypeToTeams: A former Skype user hosted on an SBS / SBA skype 2015 can no longer connect to Skype, after being migrated to Teams. [Solved]

As part of a Teams migration, we migrated regional Skype users. These was hosted by a Skype From Business 2015 SBA. After one user was migrated to Teams, his skype client can no longer connect to the SBA. The server who hosted the user was an SBS server with this version:

Our version is the July 2018 cumulative Update 6.0.9319.534. maybe too old. The errors found on the client’s connection log are as follows

Cert auth is not allowed for users homed on remote deployments/ error ID 4226 ms-diagnostics Related article :

If I take into account a Teams Migrated User in the same Skype Organization that was hosted on a FrontEnd Pool (Not an SBA or SBS) I can see that his Skype client is connected successfully to Skype Online as the picture display

I’m pretty sure that the Onpremise server is used as a redirector (ProxyPool) to forward the Skype client to Online. This is the parameter used in the move-csuser when you move a user to Teams

Move-CsUser -Identity $SFBuser -Target -MoveToTeams -Credential $Mycreds -HostedMigrationOverrideUrl $url -Proxypool FRONTENDPROXYFQDN -BypassAudioConferencingCheck -Confirm:$false -BypassEnterpriseVoiceCheck

The real Question is the following. Is an SBS or SBA Skype 2015 could be used to redirect Skype client to Skype Online?. let’s open a case at Microsoft Support

After Some discussion we have updated the SBS with the CU11

And guess what? it fixes the issue. The migrated user hosted in Teams Only and with phone System was able to connect on skype online with his skype client.


Laurent TERUIN

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