Nightmare with voice routes prioritization under Microsoft Teams

The problem is relatively simple. In our case we have two communication gateways (SBC) on two different sites

  • One Gateway in New York a Gateway in New Jersey
  • a Gateway in Paris, a Gateway in London

We would like calls from Parisian users to be sent to the default gateway (Paris) and in the event that the Parisian gateway does not answer calls are sent to the London gateway.
For the USA, calls from New York users are sent to the New York gateway and if the New York gateway does not answer then the calls should be sent to the New Jersey gateway.

If we take the Microsoft documentation, we have to create two routes with different priorities. it is marked here and here

well that’s the theory of technet….. Now let’s move on to reality if you don’t mind.

Our VoiceRoute

Now let’s create new voice route

These two voice routes have a priorities 30 and 40 . but… in fact not really ??

What’s the point of putting priorities in the voiceroutes when in fact Microsoft is changing them??. And how can you spot them afterwards?. Not using consecutive numbers would allow voice routes to be inserted between these numbers without having to redo everything. if there is a logic behind it, first of all it is not documented and secondly, I pay a beer to the one who documents it.

Other Examples


More simple 1 3 5 7 9 11 et Same Result !!

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